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Bernard B. Jacobs Internship Program

21 May

The Bernard B. Jacobs Internship Program at New Dramatists offers a unique opportunity to learn the “ins and outs” of a professional, non-profit arts organization in New York City. As essential members of the New Dramatists team, the interns provide administrative, maintenance, clerical, and creative support, alongside our dedicated staff, in service to our resident playwrights.

Internships are available for undergraduate or graduate study at post secondary institutions.  Ideal for those studying play-writing, arts administration, directing, and stage management.

Internships are full and part-time and include a stipend.

Examples of potential projects  and tasks interns may perform are:

  • Stage manage readings for writers and alumni—from one-to-two day readings to extended, week-long work sessions;
  • Welcoming artists, VIP’s, and the general public to New Dramatists, provide information about our library and resident writers’ work;
  • Assist staff as needed with the admissions process;
  •  Provide administrative assistance to the casting department;
  • Support the extended retreat processes in the fall (PlayTime) and spring (Composer-Librettist Studio);
  •  Work with development staff on special events, research, mailings, and processing donations, including: annual appeal to donors and the Nocturnal Commissions event (fall); help plan and coordinate Annual Spring Luncheon (spring); and assist with annual report preparation (summer);
  • Assist in writing and editing monthly bulletins;
  • Take and distribute notes for staff meetings; and
  • Support the annual audit process

Applications deadlines for the 2015-2016 season are as follows:

Fall: July 10, 2015;  Spring: October 16, 2015;  Summer: March 11, 2016.  

See website for full details.  http://newdramatists.org/how/bernard-b-jacobs-internship-program

Good Luck!

If you need assistance with finding a scholarship or grant for you or your organization contact:

LaWanda at 586.697.0119 (9 a.m -8 p.m EST)

email: admin@putthatonpaper.com

National Museum of Women in the Arts Internships

19 May

The idea for the National Museum of Women in the Arts grew from a simple, obvious, but rarely asked question:  Where are all the women artists?

The following unpaid internships are available for Fall 2015.

  • Development Events Internship
  • Director’s Office Internship
  • Educational & Digital Engagement Internship
  • Finance Internship
  • Fundraising Data Management Internship
  • Library and Research Center Internship
  • Membership Internship
  • Publications & Communications/Marketing Internship

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average and may apply for up to three internships per season.The application deadline in June 15 and must be submitted via the online form.  Visit the NMWA website for more information: nmwa.org/about/internships

Fleishhacker Foundation Invites Applications From Bay Area Arts Organizations

2 Apr

The Fleishhacker Foundation is accepting applications from arts organizations residing and offering programming in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Through its Small Arts Grants program, the foundation will award grants of up to $10,000 in support of programs in a range of disciplines, including dance, film and media arts, interdisciplinary arts, music, theater, and visual arts. Grants may be used for artists’ fees for creative time; production costs for performances or films; exhibition/installation costs for visual, media, or interdisciplinary arts; and/or projects that aid the organization’s overall artistic development.

Organizations with annual budgets between $100,000 and $750,000 that are based in and offer programming in the greater San Francisco Bay Area are eligible to apply.

See the Fleishhacker Foundation website for program guidelines and application instructions.

Grant Summary:

Deadline: July 15, 2015

Award: $1,000 to $10,000

Purpose: Support of artistic efforts in dance, visual, film and media arts, interdisciplinary arts, music, and theater. Covers artists’ fees for creative time, production costs, exhibitions and more.

National Museum of Women In the Arts Seeks Proposal for Scholarly Books

8 Dec

Founded in 1987, the National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to recognizing the creative contributions of women. By bringing to light remarkable women artists of the past while also promoting the best women artists working today, the museum directly addresses the gender imbalance in the presentation of art in the U.S. and abroad, thus assuring great women artists a place of honor now and into the future.

To help advance its mission, NMWA has issued a Request for Proposals for the 2014 Suzanne and James Mellor Prize.

The annual $50,000 prize is awarded to the author of the best proposal for a scholarly book on an individual woman artist or subject related to the mission of NMWA. The purpose of the award is to encourage the highest quality scholarship on women artists from any time period or nationality and to enhance the role of the museum in shaping scholarly dialogue on women in the arts.

Mellor Prize funds may be used to cover the costs of travel for research, translate materials not available to an English-language audience, and other costs related to creating the final manuscript. While the proposed book must be able to stand on its own, it can include other media (i.e., CD, DVD, online) as an additional component.

See the NMWA website for complete award guidelines, information about previous winners, and proposal submission instructions.


National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures Invites Grant Applications from Latino Artists and Arts Organizations

28 Jan

Launched in 2005 by the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures, the NALAC Fund for the Arts provides a variety of grants to Latino artists and arts organizations in the United States for the development, creation, presentation, and sustainability of artistic excellence, as well as the opportunity to participate in activities that contribute to their professional and organizational growth.

The fund supports Latino working artists, ensembles, and Latino arts organizations that demonstrate artistic excellence in pursuit of social justice through the arts. To date, NFA has awarded over $1 million to a diverse range of artists and organizations representing every discipline and region of the country.

NFA Grants for Latino Artists and Ensembles support the work of individual artists and ensembles in all disciplines. The NFA offers two grant categories for artists and ensembles, including Artist/Ensemble Project grants and Master Artist grants. These grants are open to Latino artists and ensembles in the United States.

1) NFA Artist/Ensemble Project Grant: Designed to recognize excellence in an artist’s body of work and nurture the creative and professional development of the artist, this grant supports individuals whose work demonstrates excellence and the potential for impacting the Latino arts field. Funds may be used to support the creation, development, and/or presentation of work; equipment purchases necessary for artistic production; research and travel; professional and career development; living and studio expenses; technical support, studio assistance, and collaborations; and documentation, production expenses, and maintenance. Up to fourteen project grants of $5,000 each will be awarded during this grant cycle.

2) NFA Master Artist Grant: This grant recognizes established Latino artists for their cultural contributions and significance in their communities and also provides support that enables the master artist to serve as a professional and artistic mentor to another artist. The Master Artist grant will be awarded in support of an exemplary mentor-mentee project that enables knowledge and skill transfer between a master artist and a mentee artist. Up to three $15,000 Master Artist grants will be awarded during this grant cycle.

In addition, NALAC’s NFA Grants for Latino Arts Organizations support the work of arts organizations whose primary focus is Latino arts and culture in any arts discipline. NFA offers two grant categories for organizations, including Project grants and General Operating Support grants. These grants are open to Latino arts organizations in the United States.

1) NFA Organization Project Grant: These grants are designed to assist organizations in their efforts to provide quality arts programming. Project grant funds may be used to support the creation, development, and presentation of an artistic work or festival; equipment and material purchases necessary for artistic production; research and travel; and marketing, production, and documenting expenses.

2) NFA General Operating Support Grant: GOS grants help arts organizations cover expenses related to strengthening the organization’s infrastructure and ability to fulfill its mission. Funds may be used to support several activities, including capacity-building initiatives, strategic planning, investment in technical capacity, and staff development.

Up to eight $5,000 grants will be awarded to small organizations with operating budgets under $249,999 and up to four $10,000 grants will be awarded to larger organizations with operating budgets above $250,000.

Funded projects may take place between September 1 and August 31, 2015. To be eligible, applicants must be NALAC members at the individual or organization level.

For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the NALAC Web site.


Grant Summary: Deadline is February 6, 2014.

Grants are available in several categories including grants for Latino artists and ensembles. The award is $5,000.

The Master Grant is for established artists and the award is $15,000.

The NFA Organization Project Grant supports art organizations whose primary focus is Latino arts and culture.

The NFA General Operating Support Grant supports efforts to supports an organizations infrastructure and ability to fulfill its mission

Interesting Concept: Kickstarter – A New Way to Fund Creativity

28 Aug

Never heard of this, but it is an out-the-box way of getting funding. The Entrepreneurial Spirit at work!

A funding platform for artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Post a description of a project you want funded, how much money you need, and a deadline. If enough people pledge the money that you need, everyone is billed. For funding goals that aren’t reached, no one is charged. Since its inception in April 2009, more than 1,000 projects have been funded. Not a grant program! If anyone has used this program successfully, send a note to the web page editor.


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