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Summer is Just Around the Corner!

13 May

Nobody knows that better than the kids who are counting down the days until the last school bell.  Here’s a word of advice to those returning to school in September as high school seniors with plans for college.

  • Start researching scholarships now for your college freshman year. Some programs may take up to a year before they make a final determination.
  • Carefully read the eligibility requirements and application instructions CAREFULLY. For example, residency status may have to be met for some scholarships if you plan to attend school out of state.
  • Many scholarships require that their applicants have a volunteer record or support a worthy cause. There are even scholarships for young people ambitious enough to start their own business.

Keep in mind that scholarships can be based on financial need, academic scores, honors, ethnicity, physical attributes or disabilities, or organizational affiliations, such as military service.

Remember to keep a record of your volunteer and community service time, also any clubs or Society’s where you are an active member.

Good Luck!

Religion Newswriters Foundation Seeks Applications from Journalists for Scholarships to Study Religion

10 Sep

The Religion Newswriters Foundation, the charitable arm of the Religion Newswriters Association, is accepting applications for the Lilly Scholarships in Religion program from journalists interested in taking college courses in religion or spirituality. The program is designed to give journalists a deeper understanding of religion so that the public can benefit from better, more informed religion reporting in the non-religious news media.

The foundation will award scholarships of up to $5,000 to journalists from the United States and Canada to take religion courses at any accredited college, university, or seminary. The program is open to all full-time journalists working in general-circulation news media, including reporters, editors, designers, copy editors, editorial writers, news directors, researchers, and producers. Journalists can choose any religion, spirituality, or ethics course.

Scholarships can cover expenses related to tuition, registration, parking, and books. Online and travel classes also are eligible as long as travel costs are part of the curriculum.

Scholarships must be used within three months of the award date.

Scholarship Summary:

Deadline: October 1, 2013

Amount: $5,000 for religious study at an accredits school

Scholarship covers, books, tuitions, fees

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