Words of Wisdom

The gem of wisdom came to me as I searched for something to say to calm my granddaughter who was thoroughly frustrated with her spelling homework. After several attempts at trying to spell the word ‘Idea’ she was ready to shut it down. The eyes rolled, her forehead hit the table as she groaned loudly, “I can’t do it!”

Being from the old school, I was taught to break the word down in syllables, if possible, and identify the letters of each syllable. Unfortunately, my over exaggeration of the pronunciation only made things worse in my attempts to sound out the word. So I caved and gave her the correct spelling. I know, back in my day I would have had to drag out the dictionary and fumble around with the spelling until I found the word myself. Can you image today’s kids dusting off a dictionary, not to mention actually turning pages?

On to the point… the discouragement on her little face broke my heart as I realized that this moment was just a tiny bump in the road, soon to be forgotten as she went along her life’s journey. Gradually, (or not) these little bumps would turn into hills and mountains. Climbing them would call for hard decisions that only she would determine. There’d be times she would go left when the answer was at her right, and sometimes she’d stay when it was best to go.
I wanted to wrap her in my arms and hold back time, staying the hurt and pain of her mistakes and the bad choices that would surely come. But instead, I smiled and kissed her forehead and said, “Be patient with yourself. You have a long way to go.”

Now, if only I would take my own advise…

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